Microsoft Products and Services Portfolio App version 3.0 in the Windows 8 Store

Version 3.0 of the App has the following enhancements:

1) The App can be installed &  run on a Surface ARM Tablet as well

2) The Interactive poster is more intuitive to use now. There is visual feedback provided now when an item in it is selected, suggesting that it can be drilled into for more information

3) The User interface has been spruced up a bit

4) The Product features page has been refurbished, the new layout provides more information on a Product, and is displayed in a free flowing format

5) The recent Case Studies on each Product has been added as a feature in this release

6) Navigation between the different aspects of each Product can be done more easily, by swiping left or right, or through a Navigation menu. (Presently, the Product features, Upcoming Release, Case Studies, Blog feeds, Support Life cycle information, Editions or Pricing information - is available through this App for each product)

7) Where there is an upcoming version of a Product, there are visual indicators to the effect, on the Catalog Page

8) Where there is an upcoming version, the capabilities in it, the current release status, etc. can be viewed as well. Navigate to the Microsoft Web Site that provides more information on this release, by clicking on the Logo image in this page

Click on this link to navigate to the App on the Store and download it

Click on the link here to access the User Guide for this release

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