Windows 8 App on Microsoft Products Portfolio in Windows Store

This Application lets users browse through the Catalog of all the Microsoft Products, search and browse them and their features. The number of Products that are available from Microsoft is huge, that cater to different functional and technical needs, both for Enterprises and Consumers. While information on these Products is available online, there is no single location where all the information can be accessed from. It is sought to address this need through the Application.
Apart from viewing information pertaining to a Product like the features, versions, etc., it also provides contextual information around the Support life cycle, the different editions available, and pointers to online information around licensing of that Product, for example.
While a majority of the features the Application supports can be accessed offline, there are some features that need an internet connection. Information from the context of a Page can be shared with other Windows 8 Applications. It also provides capabilities to personalize the Application through Live tile Notifications.
The URL to the app in the Store - here
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