Project Server – Automate linking of MPP Tasks and Workspace content

When a Project is created and published in Project Server 2010, the Out of the Box functionality in it creates a corresponding SharePoint 2010 Workspace site, where all the associated Project Risks, Issues, Document Libraries, Deliverables are stored. When a Project plan has certain tasks that are to be associated with a specific Document or Issue or Risk, then these have to be manually linked by the user from the Project Web Access, after the Workspace is created for the Project.

This is where this component helps, by automating the process of linking up the MPP Tasks and the associated deliverables in the Workspace, and thereby avoiding the manual and cumbersome method to link them up

The code can be downloaded from


(The component uses the Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.WebServiceProxy. The proxy classes in it cannot be instantiated on their own, and need to be accessed from the context of the Workflow Activity execution context instead)

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