Part 2 of the article – Bots for anytime, anywhere access to data

In this article, I continue with building a Bot using the Microsoft Bot framework, use the LUIS Service in Microsoft Cognitive Service to interpret Natural language style conversation, and integrate with Azure Search to surface Line of Business data in Skype.


Add life to your Line of Business Apps using Microsoft Bot Framework

In this article, I have dealt with surfacing data from disparate Line of Business Applications like Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365 using Microsoft Flow, and consolidating them using Azure Search. In the sequel to this article, a Bot Application would be used to access the information above, using the Lucence query syntax supported in Azure Search. LUIS…


A3 Size Poster depicting the details around Azure Services in Compute

Have tried to depict and capture the detailed features under Azure Compute, along with the dependencies with the other resources & Services in Azure. This doesn’t include Azure Container Service and Service Fabric yet, which I shall in Page 2 of this document in due course. It is uploaded here


Products & Services portfolio App – fixed issues in the App

The App had some issues with the Images in it not being available and some of the links were broken. I have redeployed the Cloud side of the App after addressing those issues. The content in the App is still dated.. will be updating that in the coming week


MSDN Article on using Azure logic Apps to implement Enterprise integration scenarios

Have authored an article on using Azure Logic Apps to build complete Enterprise Application scenarios. It covers topics around using the Standard and Enterprise (BizTalk Services) Logic App Connectors, and how the tool facilitates handling scenarios that are typical to Cloud based architecture


Practitioner’s guide to move to the Cloud

I have co-authored this article that was recently published in the ‘Open Source for you’ magazine  A Practitioner’’s Guide to Moving to the Cloud


Products & Services Portfolio – Windows 10 UWP App in Store

This App has now been re-written for Windows 10. This version has only a limited set of features at this point. It provides: – Information on the latest announcements in the products and Services, – Products in Preview, and Feature updates – Product and Services Catalog, and their features It can be downloaded from this


Microsoft Azure Services Overview – Document version 1.0

This document provides a summary of the capabilities and key architectural elements of all the Services available in Microsoft Azure. It can be downloaded from here  I would be updating the information in it on a monthly basis; hence it would not reflect the latest on a Service or feature always. If the Document is…


Products Portfolio Windows 8.1 App update

Updated version published to  the store:  – Enhancements in the UI for better navigation and responsiveness – Includes  updates to the Interactive Poster – Includes a Summary View of all Products/Features in Preview and those with Updates. Provides these grouped at a Product Level – Case Studies page now points to the new Microsoft Customer Stories…