BCS: Login failed for user ‘NT AUTHORITYIUSR’

Following my previous post, I just ran into another issue recently that I though I’ll write a post on so that it helps the community. So I created an external content type to perform CRUD operations against a test table in a test database.  Saved that ECT (and so the model) to the BCS service…


BCS and External List Learning – Part3

Check out previous posts on the same topic: Part1 Part2 Case where an external content type created did not show up in the external content type picker control.  This case was amazing as we (me and the customer) found the cause while on call! The problem statement was simple! We create an external content type…


BCS and External List Learning – Part2

In Part1, I covered a specific scenario related to viewing external list and BDC throttling settings.  In this post, I’ll cover a similar specific scenario but related to authentication. When we create an external content type using SPD2010, the screen where we specify the data source information has 3 options for authentication mode as shown…


BCS and External List Learning – Part1

I am posting this article split into series covering specific BCS learning when working with customers.  In this post, I’ll cover a specific scenario where when browsing to an external list we might see the following error.   In most cases, this would be because of default throttling limit set in the Business Data Catalog…


Setting up BCS with Secure Store Application impersonation

We used to perform SSO impersonation in BDC in MOSS 2007.  We now have a secure store service application that allows us to specify types of target applications to use for impersonating specific services including BCS.  Here’s a walk-through I wrote for one of my customer to setup secure store application for impersonating BCS calls….