Starting note on Content Editor Web Part

Recently, I worked a tricky and interesting case where a customer wanted to “silently” put a file in user’s computer.  My buddy, Sowmyan bet me by blogging about it here.  A job superbly done!!  Watch out for enabling Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe as that could potentially be harmful and lethal if done on internet zones.


The above said, I had a different thought though!  You see I am KISS lover and a lazy developer too!  So, I thought not to use a user control, embed it in a web part etc., Oh! Too much of work there!


So, I simply used a Content Editor Web Part.  Great it works!  Easily manageable, easy to do a client-side debug if needed and more importantly gets the job done with almost 85% reduction in time/effort spent J


If you have HTML-based or HTML-type visuals, scripts etc., and want to re-use them in SharePoint – consider using Content Editor Web Part and you’ll find it highly useful.

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