Changing Quota Template Names in SharePoint V2

Quota Template is a nice feature that's very helpful for SharePoint administrators.  It helps in managing your SharePoint server and having total control over how much your site grows.

There was a request to figure-out a way to change the Quota Template name.  "Figure-out"?? Huh! what does that mean?  Quite surprisingly, there isn't a direct way to change the quota template name in SharePoint.  And that was the birth of the below hack!

SPGlobalAdmin globalAdmin = new SPGlobalAdmin();

SPGlobalConfig globalConfig = globalAdmin.Config;

SPQuotaTemplateCollection templates = globalConfig.QuotaTemplates;

foreach(SPQuotaTemplate template in templates)


                if(template.Name == “Personal Site”)


                template.Name = “Modified Personal Site”;


                Console.WriteLine(“Quota Template name changed!!”);





If you have a look at the above code carefully, it looks like I’ve added a new quota template, but it's actually not the case.  However, if you try a direct template.Name = “somename” and then call the Update() method, it wouldn’t work.  The break; statement is there to break off from the loop immediately after the change is done.  Otherwise, you might see from exceptions thrown at your face J

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