Debugging Dynamic objects in C# Part 1

After a long time spent working on dev 10 features and fixing the may big and small things i have finally had the time to cobble togather a post. What’s this post about ? To begin with i will be talking about debugging dynamic objects. With C# 4.0 we can instantiate and perform operations on objects …


C# Debugging Improvement for VS 2008 SP1- Part II

Anonymous Types On Further review there are a few problems with anonymous-types, they all boil down to the fact the names given to these types are not valid C# type names ( so that users don’t explicitly use them in code). But while debugging this is exactly the kind of thing that one wants to…


C# Debugging Improvements for VS 2008 SP1- Part 1

Overview Over the past few months I have been busy closing VS 2008 and working on some fixes for SP1. We have enabled some key debugging scenarios in C# in VS 2008 SP1, they include support for  Range Variables in Queries & Anonymous Types Generic Type arguments Covering all of them was making the post…


Debugging and Delayed Execution in C# 3.0

Overview: C# 3.0 added a few constructs like queries which are delay executed. This means that they are not actually executed until the results of the query are required. Debugging some of them can seem strange since one can’t step in to the Query where its created but only where its enumerated, like in a…


Debugging Features in C# 3.0 Part 1

Overview C# 3.0 introduces many new constructs and opens entirely new ways of thinking and developing code. In this article I will talk about the new debugging features that make it easy to see the running code and better understand it. In my experience one spends as much time writing the initial code as debugging it later….