How Microsoft does IT: Managing Network Access Protection

Un Webcast différé intéressant sur le déploiement de Network Access Protection (NAP) chez Microsoft : TechNet Webcast: How Microsoft does IT: Managing Network Access Protection

"Network Access Protection (NAP) is a powerful new Windows Server 2008 feature that can help protect networks from malicious software (malware) and other threats. This webcast explains how organizations can use NAP to institute requirements for accessing a network, create policies that check for compliance with those requirements, and update and manage devices that are not in compliance. Join us to learn how Microsoft IT manages NAP within Microsoft and how organizations can leverage this feature to report on health policy compliance, and to take action to address identified risks."

Quelques chiffres intéressants :

  • 259000 ordinateurs en NAP en octobre 2008
  • dont 201000 stations
  • et 58000 serveurs
  • dans 6 forêts et 19 domaines

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