RemoveAllNLBSettings Tool for ISA Server 2006 Enterprise Edition

RemoveAllNLBSettings.cmd clears all Network Load Balancing (NLB) settings from an ISA Server array member, including bidirectional affinity (BDA) settings.

ISA Server 2006 Enterprise Edition provides NLB functionality as follows:

—> Use ISA Server to configure Windows Server 2003 NLB functionality in integrated mode using ISA Server Management. Integrated mode provides NLB unicast mode, with additional functionality including array integrity maintenance, multi-networking, and monitoring.
—> If ISA Server integrated NLB mode is disabled, configure NLB for Windows Server 2003 using NLB Manager. This mode provides no specific benefits of ISA Server load balancing.

RemoveAllNLBSettings.cmd is useful in the following circumstances:

—> If NLB configuration in integrated mode fails because of old NLB settings.
—> If NLB does not function properly after uninstalling ISA Server.
—> If disabling integrated mode and enabling Windows NLB in non-integrated mode fails because of old NLB settings.

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