Liste des correctifs inclus dans le Service Pack 2 d’ISA Server 2004

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List of issues fixed in Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004 Service Pack 2

Fix List :

892144 ( How to install ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition Firewall Client Service Pack 1
894458 ( When you configure the No Connectivity alert to send an e-mail notification to an SMTP server, only every second e-mail notification may reach the recipient in Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004
894483 ( Users receive an Error Code 502: Proxy error. The parameter is incorrect. (87) error when they visit certain URLs after you configure HTTP content filtering based on signatures or on extensions in ISA Server 2004
894485 ( You cannot access an ISA Server 2004 Web site through a hardware balancer that is configured to use local triangulation
894609 ( An update is available to prevent Configuration Storage server account settings from expiring when you use certificate authentication in ISA Server 2004, Enterprise Edition
894679 ( Users who do not have the appropriate permissions can receive restricted content from ISA Server 2004
895190 ( The daily summary and the log report do not contain details of network traffic that passes through an ISA Server 2004 computer
895202 ( You may receive a blank page when your browser submits a POST request to an ASP Web page through ISA Server 2004
895320 ( After you turn off logging for a Web publishing rule, ISA Server 2004 continues to log entries that match the rule
896055 ( You cannot assign a static IP address for client computers in a site-to-site VPN connection in Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004
896495 ( The Firewall service may not start in Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 after you select a certificate for a SSL listener
897075 ( Session state management may not work as expected when ISA Server 2004 accesses a Web site that uses the round robin feature of DNS to achieve load balancing
897716 ( RPC data may be blocked, and Outlook may not start in Windows Server 2003 with SP1
897717 ( Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004 stops responding or performs slowly after you configure a Web listener to use OWA forms-based authentication
898066 ( FIX: You cannot use a different SSL certificate for each array member in an ISA Server 2004, Enterprise Edition-based array
898553 ( ISA Server 2004 may stop responding when IP addresses from multiple subnets are bound to the same adaptor
898623 ( Users who are connected to the Internet experience a delay when you create a new access rule or when you apply changes to an existing access rule in ISA Server 2004
898717 ( FIX: The Maximum number of VPN clients allowed value is reset when you install ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition and join the server to an existing array
899137 ( You cannot use the ISA Server administration COM objects to delete a rule in ISA Server 2004
899476 ( FTP commands do not work if the client computer connects to a downstream ISA Server computer where firewall chaining is configured
900249 ( When you try to re-authenticate the OWA client on the forms-based authentication page, you may receive an Unknown Request error message in ISA Server 2004
900256 ( w3pinet leaks 49 AFD endpoints for every FTP GET request when Passive FTP is used
900919 ( You cannot specify a path statement that ends in a wildcard character when you create a Web publishing rule in ISA Server 2004
901109 ( The dial-up connection to a remote network is continually dialed when a client computer makes a request for a URL that is not defined in any LDT in ISA Server 2004
902414 ( You cannot trace the details of the traffic that passes through the Web Proxy Filter in Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004
903746 ( Autoconfigure should not route internal requests to proxy server
903940 ( You cannot disable the Web Browser tab on a computer that is running Firewall Client for ISA Server 2004
904825 ( PPTP Publishing: GRE Packets are not modified based on Server Publishing settings
905556 ( The GetUserToken callback function does not return the User ID as you expect when an authenticated user connects from a firewall client to a remote site through ISA Server 2004
905655 ( A report displays at least one user after you configure the report to display zero users in ISA Server 2004
905767 ( The ReturnAuthRequiredIfAuthUserDenied property setting does not work if the access rules include a Content Type rule in ISA Server 2004
908501 ( Web proxy clients cannot access some Web sites through ISA Server 2004
909062 ( A client computer connection request fails, or the client takes a long time to connect to a secureWeb site through a downstream ISA Server 2004 proxy server

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