Microsoft Phishing Filter Add-in for MSN Search Toolbar (Beta)

The Phishing Filter Add-in offers access to the beta version of a new dynamic online service, updated several times an hour to warn you and help protect your personal information from these fraudulent websites by:  

  • Scanning websites you visit and warning you if they are potentially suspicious.
  • Dynamically checking the web sites you visit with up to the hour online information via an online service run by Microsoft and blocking you from sharing personal information if a site is a known phishing website. 

Requires Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.

Your use of this Add-In is subject to the terms and conditions of the end user license agreement (either from Microsoft or some other entity) under which you have previously licensed the MSN Search Toolbar Software. By downloading, installing or otherwise using this Add-In, you agree to be bound by the MSN Search Toolbar end-user license agreement.

By downloading and using this add-in, website addresses will be sent to Microsoft to be checked against a list of reported Phishing websites. Information received will not be used to personally identify you.

More information & download :

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