Get in the Security Door with ISA

Get in the Security Door with ISA
With Deep Ties to Microsoft apps and a bevy of functions you can make a solid case for ISA Server 2004.

July 01, 2005
by Doug Barney

The words Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004 don't exactly roll off the tongue, which is why anyone who is anyone in security simply calls it ISA, ISA Server or maybe ISA 2004.

But the long version of the name does indicate what the product is all about—it acts as an application-layer firewall (while also performing stateful and packet-level filtering) and improves Web performance through caching and by acting as aproxy server.

Layer 7 application filtering is perhaps ISA Server 2004's most dramatic feature. It lets IT block downloads, sidestep peer-to-peer file sharing, be on the look-out for worms and viruses that attack at the application layer and even block spam. It can also block application-layer attacks like the notorious and destructive Nimda and Code Red…”

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