Microsoft Webcast : Isolating Network Resources to Protect Corporate Networks

Pour info : un webcast US est joué ce jeudi à 17 h heure française

Microsoft will be providing a webcast on Apr 21st at 0800 Pacific on the topic “Server and Domain Isolation Using IPsec and Group Policy”.

 This is an overview of the MSS guide of the same name, coupled with a drill-down on the relevant problems and technologies.  It would serve as an excellent primmer to someone reading the guide, helping our people in the field understand the problem space and solution, or someone just trying to understand the finer points of some of these isolation techniques

This session discusses utilizing capability built into Windows XP and Windows Server, to implement a logical isolation strategy. This strategy can help to better protect domains, servers and desktops, from rogue machines, infections and information theft threats.  The Microsoft Solutions for Security (MSS) team has released the first guidance for the selection of appropriate IPsec components and the first thoroughly documented prescription of how to implement.

The Server and Domain Isolation Using IPsec and Group Policy is available on TechNet at:

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    Subject:                         Isolating Network Resources to Protect Corporate Networks
    Meeting URL:          
    Meeting ID:                     JH3PH2
    Attendee Key:                 NK3C8X
    Role:                              Attendee

This meeting will broadcast internet audio directly to your computer.  Please ensure that you have Windows Media Player 9 or higher installed.

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