Activer l’équilibrage de charge réseau (NLB) et la bi-affinité sur un ISA 2004 Standard

En complément d'un post précédent sur la supportabilité de NLB sur ISA Server 2004 Standard, Tom Shinder vient de publier un article sur comment utiliser NLB et la bi-affinité sur ISA 2004 édition Standard.

Bien entendu, comme il le précise dans son article :

"There are some good reasons why Microsoft recommends that you do not enable NLB on a load balanced array of Standard Edition ISA firewalls:

  • The Windows NLB service is not aware of the ISA firewall services. So, if the ISA Firewall service, or if the RRAS service becomes unavailable, the machine is not removed from the array and connections are still balanced to the unavailable ISA firewall
  • Full support for bidirectional affinity doesn’t seem to be supported. Lex Penrose has reported that while he has been able to get bidirectional affinity to work when there is an internal and external interface on the ISA firewall NLB array, if you add a third NIC and try to make BDI work on the third interface, BDI fails.
  • PSS will not be able to help you if you run into ISA firewall problems, since its not a supported configuration

However, if you’re willing to accept these limitations, you can enable NLB with BDI on an array of Standard Edition ISA firewalls. There’s a lot of Registry editing involved, and I can’t give my usual step by step details at this time (I’ll follow up in the future on the step by steps with screen shots), but here are the general instructions for those of you motivated to try this configuration."

Plus de détails :

Enabling NLB Bi-Directional Affinity (BDI) on ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition Firewalls

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