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Welcome to the SQL Server Engine Tips blog - hosted by the engine program management team. The purpose of the blog is to share guidelines, best practices, tips and answer questions related to implementing and deploying solutions using SQL Server. We will cover topics related to the SQL Server Engine including new features in SQL Server 2005. We would love to get your feedback and suggestions for topics through the comments section.

- Amrish Kumar

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  1. what will make a SQL2000 database and files backup only blank data with Veritas – SQL Agent?

    What are the considerations to be taken when setting up the backup jobs ?

  2. How about using a large number of BLOBs in the DB? – Any changes compared to SQL 2000?

  3. sqletips says:


    You should be able to use the new varchar(max)/varbinary(max) data types to store BLOBs. The programming model is much closer to that of varchar(<small>) which is an improvement over what text/image data types had in SQL 2000. Is there any specific limitation you ran into in SQL Server 2000?

    – Christian

  4. Christian,

    streaming large amounts of binary data from/to the DB was difficult to get right and even ‘moving’ data from row to row was quite expensive, so I was wondering if that was improved when switching to varbinary(max).

    I have another question for you: we are currently using a table with an objected, name and a value column to store property data with a schema that may change at runtime (I guess a common solution to that particular problem). Of course, this table gets quite large. So, now I am wondering if we should change that by using the XML data type and use xquery to search the XML. Would that have a positive effect on performance?- Thanks!


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