SQL Server 2008 CTP (November 2007) Available Now

I am pleased to announce that the SQL Server 2008 Community Technology Preview (CTP) for November 2007 is now available. The SQL Server development team uses your feedback to help refine and enhance product features. Download the CTP today and share your feedback.

This CTP is available in two downloadable formats: an image file that you can use to burn your own DVD and a self-extracting executable file that will allow you to download and install without a DVD burner (the Express version of the package is only available in this format). All CTP software automatically expires after 180 days.

The SQL Server 2008 CTP release includes a CTP version of the Books Online product documentation. You can also download SQL Server 2008 CTP Books Online separately. And don't forget to check out the SQL Server 2008 CTP Readme file as well.

Tai Yee
Microsoft SQL Server User Education

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