SQL Server 2005 Books Online (September 2007) Now Released in MSDN and TechNet Libraries

The Microsoft SQL Server documentation team is constantly updating and improving the SQL Server Books Online. Even while working on the next version of the documentation for SQL Server 2008, the team revises and releases updates to SQL Server 2005 topics based on customer feedback. We are now publishing the next update to the SQL Server 2005 Books Online: the September, 2007 update.

In the past, our processes for building the Books Online downloads have been faster than the processes for publishing the Web copies in the MSDN and TechNet Libraries. We therefore released the downloads before the Web versions were completed, and published the Web copies as soon as they were available. Because of recent changes in our Web publishing procedures, our time to publish to the Web is now faster than the time to build and test the Books Online download packages. We are publishing the September, 2007 Books Online update to the MSDN Library and TechNet Library* now. We will release downloadable versions of the SQL Server 2005 Books Online (September 2007) update on the Microsoft Download Center and Microsoft Update as soon as they become available.

* Note: The MSDN Library and TechNet library contain the same documentation set; the only difference between them is the branding (MSDN or TechNet) and what other products appear in the left navigation pane.


Tai Yee

Microsoft SQL Server User Education

Comments (7)

  1. All I can see on the downsite site is May 2007. Where is the September download?

  2. SQLServerUE says:

    Hi Kalen,

    unfortunately, the downloadable version is not available yet. We are working to get that out to the Download Center and Microsoft Update as soon as possible. I will post here when it becomes available.

    Tai Yee

    Microsoft SQL Server User Education team

  3. Hace pocos días, los chicos de Microsoft, han actualizado la documentación de SQL Server 2005 , las versiones

  4. Ronny Ong says:

    It has been over 60 days since the web version was published and still no sign of the download version. I can understand the difficulty of releasing both versions during the same month but why would it take more than 2 months? I hope you will feel embarrassed to be releasing a "September 2007" update in December. (I certainly hope you will still make it in 2007.)

  5. SQLServerUE says:

    Yes, I apologize for the delay. We ran into some technical problems that are being resolved. The final package is currently in testing and should be ready to release in December.

    Tai  Yee

    Microsoft SQL Server User Education

  6. SQLServerUE says:

    The downloadable release has now gone live and is available at:


    Tai Yee

    Microsoft SQL Server User Education

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