Enabling FILESTREAM post SQL2008 Setup – a Known Issue in SQL Config Manager

In SQL Server 2008 Feb CTP, there is a bug in the WMI provider for FILESTREAM, inside SQL Configuration Manager (select instance, r-click properties and go to FILESTREAM tab). This bug causes the FILESTREAM configuration UI, to fail. This happens only if:     1) you want to enable FILESTREAM after SQL setup     2) another instance of SQL… Read more

FILESTREAM Configuration and Setup Changes in SQL Server 2008 February CTP

FILESTREAM is disabled by default in SQL2008. Before you can start to use FILESTREAM, you must enable FILESTREAM on the instance of the SQL Server Database Engine. Enabling/configuring FILESTREAM is a bit different from configuring other SQL features because it involves making machine wide changes and not only SQL instance changes. Also, FILESTREAM configuration has been changed… Read more