Monitoring performance of natively compiled stored procedures – database-scoped configuration options

We just added new database-scoped configuration options that will help with monitoring performance of natively compiled stored procedures. The new options XTP_PROCEDURE_EXECUTION_STATISTICS and XTP_QUERY_EXECUTION_STATISTICS are available now in Azure SQL Database, and will be available in the next major release of SQL Server. These options will improve your monitoring and troubleshooting experience for databases leveraging In-Memory OLTP… Read more

Azure SQL Database: Ingesting 1.4 million sustained rows per second with In-Memory OLTP & Columnstore Index

As Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors are becoming more ubiquitous in consumer, business and industrial landscapes, they introduce a unique challenge in terms of the volume of data they produce, and the velocity with which they produce it. The challenge is to ingest and analyze this data at the speed at which it… Read more

In-Memory OLTP Indexes – Part 1: Recommendations.

In-Memory OLTP Indexes In-Memory OLTP technology, available in Azure SQL Database and SQL Server, can significantly help you in improving the performance of applications that require high throughput and low latency online transaction processing, high volume concurrent data ingestion (Internet of Things – IoT), high volume data load and transformation (Extract Transform Load – ETL)… Read more

In-Memory OLTP Updated Overview and Case Studies

We just published updated slide decks about In-Memory OLTP. In-Memory OLTP overview: this is an overview of the technology and details what’s new in SQL Server 2016/2017 and Azure SQL Database In-Memory OLTP case studies: this discusses when you and do not want to use In-Memory OLTP, as well as a number of application patterns… Read more

In-Memory OLTP Videos: What it is and When/How to use it

In-Memory OLTP is the premier technology for optimizing the performance of transaction processing in SQL Server. Last week at Microsoft Ignite 2016 we presented two session about the In-Memory OLTP technology in SQL Server and Azure SQL Database. For those of you who did not attend the conference or did not make it to the… Read more

Increased Memory Size for In-Memory OLTP in SQL Server 2016

We are happy to announce that SQL Server 2016 removes the size limitation on user data in memory-optimized tables. You can grow your memory-optimized tables as large as you like as long as you have enough available memory. This means that with Windows Server 2016 you can leverage all 24TB (Terabytes) of available memory in… Read more

A Technical Case Study: High Speed IoT Data Ingestion Using In-Memory OLTP in Azure

In this post we look at a customer case study of an Internet of Things (IoT) scenario, where large amount of device data is ingested into an Azure SQL Database. Because the data lives in a SQL database, it can be conveniently accessed and analyzed through SQL queries. In-Memory OLTP was used to achieve significant… Read more

What’s new for In-Memory OLTP in SQL Server 2016 since CTP3

SQL Server 2016 is making a lot of enhancements to In-Memory OLTP to make it easier to use and perform even better. In a previous post I listed all the new features that had been included in SQL Server 2016 up to and including CTP3. But we have added a lot of new features since then, including… Read more

Improving temp table and table variable performance using memory optimization

In-Memory OLTP is a technology introduced in SQL Server 2014 that can provide phenomenal (up to 30-fold) performance improvements for transactional workloads, and SQL Server 2016 improves the performance even further. However, adopting this technology in an existing app comes at a cost, and you need to have enough available memory for the core transactional… Read more