Analysing inventory of Managed Instances using T-SQL

Sometime you would need to know how many Managed Instance you have created in Azure cloud. Although you can find all information about the Azure SQL Managed Instances in Azure portal or API (ARM, PowerShell, Azure CLI), sometime it is hard to list all instances and search them using some criteria. In this post you… Read more

The easiest way to create Azure VM that can access your Azure SQL Managed Instance

Azure SQL Managed Instance is fully managed and secured SQL Server Database engine hosted in Azure cloud, placed in your private Azure VNet. In order to access your Managed Instance, you need to create VM in your VNet where you will access the instance using SSMS. Azure portal makes this process much easier…. Read more

What is built-in intelligence in Azure SQL Database?

Azure SQL Database is a fully managed latest stable version of SQL Server Database Engine hosted in Azure cloud that has several built-in features that protect and manage your data. These features may autonomously perform various maintenance tasks instead of you, so we call them built-in intelligence…. Read more

Working with Azure SQL Managed Instance using Azure CLI

Azure Command Line Interface (CLI) is a command line library that enables you to quickly and easily work with your Azure SQL Managed Instances. In this post, you will see some basic CLI commands that can be used with Managed Instance…. Read more

Sending emails in Azure SQL Managed Instance

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance enables you to use most of the SQL Server features in fully managed cloud environment. One of the features is database mail system that enables you to send emails directly from Managed Instance. In this post we will see how to setup mail profile and send emails in Managed Instance…. Read more

Cross-instance point-in-time restore in Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

Azure SQL Managed Instance is a fully managed SQL Server instance hosted in Microsoft Azure cloud. Besides built-in management operations, Azure SQL Database Managed Instance enables you to perform some custom management actions such as restoring databases across instances from some point in time in the past using Azure Command line interface. In this post… Read more

Creating Azure SQL Managed Instance using ARM templates

Azure API enables you to create Azure SQL Managed Instance using ARM templates. These are JSON objects that contain definition of resources that should be created. You can send these objects to the Azure REST API to automate creation of Azure SQL Managed Instance…. Read more