ASP.NET Session State with SQL Server In-Memory OLTP

ASP.NET session state enables you to store and retrieve values for a user as the user navigates the different ASP.NET pages that make up a Web application. Currently, ASP.NET ships with three session state providers that provide the interface between Microsoft ASP.NET’s session state module and session state data sources: InProcSessionStateStore, which stores session state… Read more

Native database backup in Azure SQL Managed Instance

Azure SQL Managed Instance is a new fully managed PaaS offering in Azure cloud that will be publicly available in the near future. It will expose entire SQL Server Instance, support almost all features available in SQL Server 2017 and combine this with instant scaling and intelligence that is available in Azure PaaS service. Managed… Read more

“What are you waiting for?” – Introducing wait stats support in Query Store

Troubleshooting waits previously. Nobody likes to wait. SQL database is multithreaded system that can handle thousands of queries executed simultaneously. Since queries that are executed in parallel compete for the same resources (tables, memory, etc) they might need to wait for the resources to be available to proceed with execution. These cumulative waits can be… Read more

Azure SQL databases in logical servers, elastic pools, and managed instances

Azure SQL Database is a Database as a Platform service designed for applications that will use database as self-contained service. Databases can be grouped together to simplify management options or share the resources. There are different options that can be used to bound databases in the groups, which will be explained in this post…. Read more

JSON is Generally available in Azure Sql Database!

JSON functionalities are now generally available in Azure Sql Database! All functions that are available in SQL Server 2016 are also available in Azure Sql Database. Azure Sql Database enables you to get values from JSON documents using JSON_VALUE function, modify values in JSON text using JSON_MODIFY function, transform JSON to table using OPENJSON function… Read more

JSON is available in Azure SQL Database

JSON functionalities that are added in SQL Server 2016 are also available in Azure SQL Database see Public preview: JSON in Azure SQL Database. All functionalities that you can use in SQL Server 2016 RC (i.e. FOR JSON, OPENJSON, built-in functions) are also available in Azure SQL Database, including JSON_MODIFY function that is added in RC… Read more

What’s new for In-Memory OLTP in SQL Server 2016 since CTP3

SQL Server 2016 is making a lot of enhancements to In-Memory OLTP to make it easier to use and perform even better. In a previous post I listed all the new features that had been included in SQL Server 2016 up to and including CTP3. But we have added a lot of new features since then, including… Read more