The best part of TechEd was meeting people…

TechEd’s done and dusted for another year, and what a blast we had! It’s incredible to think of the number of customers who stopped by the SQL Server DAT section of the Technical Learning Center to pepper us with questions, and even more so to think of the number of customers who came back day… Read more

Which part of ‘REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS’ isn’t clear?

In my chalk/talk at TechEd yesterday, I asked the crowd “what’s the purpose of repair?” One person got it right. The purpose is not to save data. Surprised? The purpose is to get the database back to a structurally and transactionally consistent state so that processing can safely continue. We chose the name of this… Read more

When should you rebuild the transaction log?

10 points if you answered “don’t be daft, never!” and minus several million is you answered anything else. Yes, if you have no backups and your hardware has corrupted your transaction log then you have no choice but to rebuild it, but this should never happen because you all have backup strategies, right? Do you… Read more

Just why are you backing up your database?

So, I’d like to make a couple of assertions about backup and disaster recovery that will hopefully get you to thinking, and just might change the way you think about the topic. There are two distinct motivations for doing backups, and they imply differing requirements and solutions. OK, what am I talking about?  Ask yourself… Read more

Data files: To Autogrow Or Not To Autogrow?

This is a question that’s come up several times at TechEd already and is a nice second part to the post I made late last night about shrink. The answer is usually a most emphatic ‘no, its far better to manage the growth of your data files manually’. Why is this? Well, in SQL Server… Read more

Here’s a good reason not to run SHRINKDATABASE…

.. this is an old one, but its poorly understood and it just surfaced again today so I thought I’d share it. Situation: customer keeps his indexes nicely defragemented during the day so that his range scan queries perform well. Every morning, he comes in to find the logical scan fragmentation up around 90%! What’s… Read more

We’re at TechEd – stop by and see us!

Luckily the 8.40am Alaska Airlines direct flight from Seattle>Boston was on time as I’m guessing it was 85% Microsoft! TechEd got off to a great start yesterday with the keynotes – pretty amazing to be in a conference room with 10000 other people. For the rest of the week it’ll be a whirlwind of breakout… Read more

How to use DBCC PAGE

Yes, finally I come clean and tell all. It’s an open secret that there’s an undocumented DBCC command called DBCC PAGE that you can use to look at the contents of database pages. I’ve recommended in forum postings that people use it and Product Support also asks customers to use it during various investigations. Bottom… Read more

New SQL Express Starter Kit and Sample Apps available on MSDN

Collection Manager Starter Kit Overview The Collection Manager is a rich client application that enables you to create and manage any type of collection. A sample database is included, and you can create any additional number of custom collection types to store unique characteristics about each collection. Internet Explorer Favorites Sample Application Overview Use… Read more

CHECKDB (Part 1): How does CHECKDB get a consistent view of the database?

As you can guess from the title, I’m planning a long series over the summer to go into the guts of how CHECKDB works (both the consistency checks part and the repair part). And as you can guess from ‘CHECKDB’, I’m already bored with putting DBCC in front of it all the time and changing… Read more