JSON data in clustered column store indexes

Clustered column store indexes (CCI) in SQL Server vNext and Azure SQL Database support LOB types like NVARCHAR(MAX), which allows you to store string with any size, including JSON documents with any size. With CCI you can get 3x compression and query speedup compared to regular tables without any application or query rewrites. In this… Read more

Columnstore Index Performance: SQL Server 2016 – Multiple Aggregates

SQL product team has made significant improvements in columnstore index functionality, supportability and performance during SQL Server 2016 based on the feedback from customers. This blog series focuses on the performance improvements done as part of SQL Server 2016. Customers will get these benefits automatically with no changes to the application when they upgrade the application… Read more

SQL Server R Services – Why we built it

This is the first post in a series of blog posts about SQL Server R Services. We want to take you behind the scenes and explain why we have built this feature and deep dive into how it works. Future posts will include details about the architecture, highlighting advanced use cases with code examples to… Read more

Transaction Commit latency acceleration using Storage Class Memory in Windows Server 2016/SQL Server 2016 SP1

SQL Server 2016 SP1 adds a significant new performance feature, the ability to accelerate transaction commit times (latency) by up to 2-4X, when employing Storage Class Memory (NVDIMM-N nonvolatile storage). This scenario is also referred to as “persistent log buffer” as explained below. This enhancement is especially valuable for workloads which require high frequency, low… Read more

Introducing Batch Mode Adaptive Memory Grant Feedback

SQL Server uses memory to store in-transit rows for hash join and sort operations. When a query execution plan is compiled for a statement, SQL Server estimates both the minimum required memory needed for execution and the ideal memory grant size needed to have all rows in memory.  This memory grant size is based on… Read more

Columnstore Index: Standard and Express editions with SQL Server 2016 SP1

I am sure you all have heard the exciting news that SQL Server 2016 SP1 supports Common Programming Surface Area (CPSA) across all features. And, YES, that includes columnstore index. Please refer to the following blog for details Columnstore Index: Standard and Express editions with SQL Server 2016 SP1 Thanks Sunil Agarwal and Kevin Farlee  … Read more