ok – really the last blog post – Mondays, Mystic, and a Museum

My new blog’s not active until September 1st but I wanted to blog about something cool – and totally unrelated to work. Over the weekend Kimberly and I were in Connecticut for the birthday party pig-roast for Carl Franklin (of DotNetRocks fame) along with our good friends Richard Campbell – also from DotNetRocks – and his… Read more

Splits and unions…

Hey folks, This is my last blog post on the SQL Server Storage Engine blog as I’ve made the decision to leave Microsoft and join Kimberly running her company, SQLskills.com. This lets me indulge my passion for teaching and consulting full-time and lets me work with my best friend. My last day at Microsoft is August 31st… Read more

TechEd session video available…

The session I gave at TechEd this year on ‘Secrets of Fast Detection and Recovery from Database Corruptions’ was videotaped as part of the Its Showtime! TechEd program. The video is now available to watch at http://www.microsoft.com/emea/itsshowtime/sessionh.aspx?videoid=549. This is the same session I’ve been delivering to user groups around the world for the past few months but… Read more

What happens to non-clustered indexes when the table structure is changed?

Here’s a topic that’s cropped up several times during Q&As at TechEd this year – what happens to non-clustered indexes when changes are made to the underlying table? Are they always rebuilt or not?   Before we get into that discussion, I’ll give you a little background.   One way to describe a non-clustered index… Read more

Database mirroring questions from TechEd: failovers and partner timeouts

This year at TechEd there’s been even more interest in database mirroring than last year – Kimberly’s Always-On Demo-Fest yesterday had a whole bunch of questions during the first demo on mirroring and 50% of the booth questions I’ve answered have been on it too. It seems that more people are getting to the stage of… Read more

Katmai == SQL Server 2008 == available to start playing with!

Very exciting!!! On Monday at TechEd we announced the official name of the next version of SQL Server – Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and released the first public CTP (Community Technology Preview) of it for people to start playing with and evaluating. Here are some links for you: “SQL Server 2008 Product Overview” whitepaper CTP… Read more

SQL Server’s ‘black-box’ flight recorder

So I learned something about SQL Server at TechEd today. In Kimberly and Bob Beauchemin’s pre-con, Kimberly mentioned that SQL Server has a ‘black-box’ trace, similar to an aircraft flight-recorder, which I’d never heard of. It’s an internal trace that has the last 5MB of various trace events and it’s dumped to a file when… Read more

The Ins and Outs of Offline Files

First blog post of the year from TechEd! Well, Kimberly and I arrived a day early hoping to chill out in the sun by the pool but contrary to all expectations the weather sucks today – it’s actually much better in Seattle. Instead we’re hibernating in our room blogging and having a Blokus re-match – last time we… Read more

First TechEd of the year coming up!

TechEd US is in Orlando this year – see here for details and here to register. We’re doing a bunch of HA and maintenance related sessions – here’s the list: Sunday 3rd June: Full day pre-conference on Leveraging SQL Server Always-On Technologies to Achieve High Availability and Scalability with Kimberly and Bob Beauchemin. I’ll also be there all… Read more

Would you like to join the Storage Engine PM team?

We have some job openings on the Storage Engine Program Management team – if you’re looking for a great career opportunity helping to drive the product you love using, check them out. What does a Program Manager do? This blog entry by Steven Sinofsky (one of our Senior VPs) sums it up nicely. Here are… Read more