Modify Azure SQL Database Managed Instance using Azure CLI

Azure SQL Managed Instance is fully-managed SQL Server Database Engine hosted in Azure cloud. With Managed Instance you can easily add/remove cores associated to the instance and change the reserved size of the instance. You can use Azure CLI to easily manage size of the instance and automate this process…. Read more

Diagnostic Data for Synchronous Statistics Update Blocking

Consider the following query execution scenario: You execute a SELECT query that triggers an automatic synchronous statistics update. The synchronous statistics update begins execution and your query waits (is essentially blocked) until the fresh statistics are generated. The query compilation and execution does not resume until the synchronous statistics update operation completes. During this time,… Read more

What Azure permissions are required to create SQL Managed Instance?

Azure SQL Managed Instance is a fully managed SQL Server Instance hosted in Azure cloud that is placed in your Azure VNet. Users who are creating instances need to have some permissions. In this post you will see the minimal permissions required to create managed instance…. Read more

Public preview of derived tables and views on graph tables in MATCH queries

SQL Server 2017 and Azure SQL Database introduced native graph database capabilities for modeling many-to-many relationships. The first implementation of SQL Graph introduced support for nodes to represent entities, edges to represent relationships, and a new MATCH predicate to support graph pattern matching and traversal. We will be further expanding the graph database capabilities with several new… Read more

Introducing Scalar UDF Inlining

Last year SQL Server 2017 and Azure SQL Database introduced query processing improvements that adapt optimization strategies to your application workload’s runtime conditions. These improvements included: batch mode adaptive joins, batch mode memory grant feedback, and interleaved execution for multi-statement table valued functions. In SQL Server 2019 preview, we are further expanding query processing capabilities… Read more

Meet the Azure SQL Database team at PASS Summit 2018

Azure SQL Database Engineering team (@azuresqldb) represented by Lindsey Allen,  Joachim Hammer, Ajay Jagannathan, Joe Sack, Borko Novakovic, Mine Tokus, Kevin Farlee, Xiaochen Wu, Alice Kupcik, Jakub Szymaszek, Shreya Verma, Perry Skountrianos, Alain Dormehl, Mirek Sztajno will be in full force speaking at several sessions at the PASS Summit 2018 conference (the Largest Technical Conference… Read more