SQL Server Team is hiring

Hello to you all,

The SQL Server team is hiring arcoss all test, dev and PM discipline. If  you or someone you know is interested, please do apply for the job using the link with job postings below. Look forward to hearing from some of you.


Sunil Agarwal


“SQL Server is one of the most important products at Microsoft and is the core on which our future server and storage technology will be built. Over the past decade we have experienced tremendous growth making us one of the largest businesses at Microsoft — and this is still only the beginning. The importance of data continues to grow. Most applications being built today are data-centric. The ability to efficiently store, query, and share data at a low cost with built-in high-availability and flexible compute/storage capacity is a core competitive advantage for today’s businesses.

The resurgence of Cloud computing is driving a major disruption to technology that is bringing broad changes to the technology landscape. With the current SQL Azure database-as-a-service offering, the SQL Server group is well positioned to become the dominant database-platform-as-a-service player. Competition is fierce and the time frames are aggressive.  SQL Server is uniquely positioned to provide a friction-free and compatible database experience spanning both on-premise and cloud platforms. Our products will be offered as regular box software and also as software-as-a-service through our SQL Azure service.   This choice creates a significant competitive advantage as customers can retain their existing skill-set and extend existing applications over SQL Azure to reap the benefits of the cloud platform. If you are excited about being part of this revolution that not only brings full-fledged database technology to the cloud, but also enables new kinds of data-centric application paradigms, then this is just the place for you. See www.microsoft.com/windowsazure/sqlazure for more details on the SQL Azure platform.

Joining SQL Server is a fantastic opportunity to work with some of the best engineers at Microsoft tackling challenging problems in a product that is a key driver to Microsoft’s business. SQL Server fosters a supportive and productive work environment. SQL Server is known for providing growth avenues for developers to reach the highest levels. The team culture values engineering quality, technical excellence, and grass roots innovation. Every day you will be working on features that are used by millions of customers to power their businesses.

The SQL Server team is looking to hire a range of Individual Contributors and Leads across levels, disciplines and focus areas. If this interests you, please check out the job listing at here, and apply to the positions that match your passion and experience.”