Data Compression will be available in CTP-6

Thanks to all who have contacted me for their interest in the data compression feature. Unfortunately, data compression feature is NOT available in the just released CTP-5 which is now available on the Microsoft Download Center as SQL Server 2008 Community Technology Preview (CTP) November 2007.   Data compression will be released with CTP-6. Also, Data… Read more

Estimating the space savings with data compression

Like I had indicated in my previous blog, it is recommended that you estimate compression savings on the object of interest before actually enabling compression as enabling compression is an expensive operation. To show how to estimate data compression, I have created a very simplistic and definitely not realistic example to show case data compression… Read more

Types of data compression in SQL Server 2008

SQL Server deploys two strategies to compress the data ·         First, it stores all fixed length data types in variable length format.  If you recall, SQL Server 2005/SP2 provided a new variable length storage format decimal and numeric. Please refer to the series of blogs vardecimal-storage-format for details. SQL Server 2008 extends this to all… Read more

Why not use compressed disk files or disk volumes?

When we think of compressing the database, one of the first question that pops up is why not used the compressed volume? You may know that Windows OS has supported compression of individual files, folders and the entire NTFS volumes since Windows 2000. Given this, you may wonder why don’t we just create databases on… Read more

When is too much success a bad thing?

I was talking to a customer the other day who had an interesting problem:  Successful backups. Specifically, their problem had to do with the success messages that SQL backup puts in the SQL errorlog and the system event log. Seems like a nice, friendly thing to do right?  Drop a note that your backup was… Read more


So what’s a “fuzzy backup” and how does it relate to STOPAT?   There has been some confusion about what RESTORE DATABASE WITH STOPAT does, if it works, and why it behaves as it does.  This is not about RESTORE LOG WITH STOPAT, but only RESTORE DATABASE.  To understand how this works and why, you… Read more

Data compression techniques and trade offs

Ok, now that we have sort of agreed ( that data compression is a good thing, you may wonder how SQL Server compresses the data, what does this compression mean to my data and to my workload? If you are a theory nut or crave for mathematics, you can browse the web or read the related books… Read more

Data Compression: Why Do we need it?

As announced in Tech-Ed 2007, data compression is a new and exciting feature targeted to be available in SQL Server 2008. This is a huge topic to be covered in one BLOG post, I have decided to break it into a series of posts, each building on the previous ones. If you are interested discussions… Read more

ok – really the last blog post – Mondays, Mystic, and a Museum

My new blog’s not active until September 1st but I wanted to blog about something cool – and totally unrelated to work. Over the weekend Kimberly and I were in Connecticut for the birthday party pig-roast for Carl Franklin (of DotNetRocks fame) along with our good friends Richard Campbell – also from DotNetRocks – and his… Read more

Splits and unions…

Hey folks, This is my last blog post on the SQL Server Storage Engine blog as I’ve made the decision to leave Microsoft and join Kimberly running her company, This lets me indulge my passion for teaching and consulting full-time and lets me work with my best friend. My last day at Microsoft is August 31st… Read more