Are you coming to TechEd? We’d like to see you there!

Just over half the Storage Engine PM team will be at TechEd June 11-17. Attending will be:

  • Sunil Agarwal – Access Methods PM
    • specializing in locking, concurrency, bulk load, snapshot isolation, performance troubleshooting
  • Kevin Farlee – Transaction Services PM
    • specializing in backup/restore, storage solutions, Scalable Shared Databases
  • Mark Wistrom – Transaction Services PM
    • specializing in Database Mirroring
  • Don Vilen – Storage Engine Customer Communications PM
    • specializing in HA, clustering, storage solutions
  • Paul Randal – Storage Engine Lead PM
    • specializing in general DBCC, disaster recovery, CHECKDB/repair, index fragmentation

We’ll all be doing TLC and/or breakout sessions and will be available for discussions all week. If you’re going and would like to arrange a 1-1 on a specific topic, let me know and I’ll set it up.

See you there!