Missing MSI’s/MSP’s error during SQL Server Patching

In this video blog, we would walk you through  some tips and methods to troubleshoot Missing MSI's/MSP's error during SQL Server Patching or installation.

Highlights of this video blog :-

1. What are MSI's/MSP's

2. Location of Setup logs and log file names

3. Fixing missing MSI's and MSP's error :

     E.g.  Unable to install Windows Installer MSP file

                The cached MSI file 'C:\windows\Installer\843e5.msi' is missing

4. Demo

To check the video in better quality please click : - https://channel9.msdn.com/posts/Missing-MSIsMSPs-error-during-SQL-Server-Patching


Presented By: - Arvind Kalidasan,Support Engg.,Microsoft GTSC
Reviewed By: - Pranab Mazumdar,Support Escalation Engg.,Microsoft GTSC

Comments (5)

  1. sangameshms@live.com says:

    I got msi error while installing sql2008 patch, i fixed this error this video helped me lot to fix this issue

  2. yafu says:

    is there documentation related to this rather than a video

  3. Shakti Singh says:

    Hi There,

    I am not able to find the second script to fix MSP issue. I am facing the issue during SP3 installation on SQLServer 2008 R2. Could you please share the script


  4. varun says:

    The url which you shared for downloading scripts is not opening

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