Policy Based Management

Check our video blog, and get answers to your queries related to "Policy Based Management" in SQL server. This feature is helpful to ensure compliance at SQL server end.

This blog will cover:
What is Policy Based Management?
What is facets?
How we can create policies in SQL server ?
What are the evaluation modes in SQL?

For watchting this video in better quality, please check the link: - https://channel9.msdn.com/posts/Policy-based-managerment


And lot more in this blog, along with the troubleshooting tips to resolve the issues related to Policy Based Management.

Presented By Prabhjot Kaur,Support Engineer,Microsoft GTSC
Reviewed By  Kartik Attuluri,Technical Lead,Microsoft GTSC


Comments (2)

  1. Bill Ramasamy says:

    Excellent video… Thanks for your efforts…

  2. Sumit Chhabra says:

    Superb effort and Awesome Details……. Well evaluated and easy to grasp knowledge.

    Truly MS Class.

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