Procedure cache – Part I

Refer to our video blog , to know the important role that  "Procedure Cache"  can play  in increasing your application and SQL server performance.

Procedure Cache, main goal is to cache the query plans  and allow its reuse and thus minimize the compile time and improve the performance.

This blog will provide you detailed information about some of the below mentioned topics:-

  1. What is Procedure Cache?
  2. Types of Cached Objects
  3. Structure of the Procedure Cache
  4. Procedure Cache And Memory
  5. Non- Cached Plans and Zero Cost Plans

For better quality of videos,please click on the link: -

Presented By:- Niraj P mehta, Senior Support Enigneer, Microsoft GTSC
Reviewed By: - Rishi Maini,Support Escalation Engineer,Microsoft GTSC
                         Pranab Mazumdar,Support Escalation Engineer,Microsoft GTSC

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