Multiserver administration

In this video presentation you will learn in depth about Multiserver administration For better quality/download please check the link: – Presented by: Phani Raj,SE,Microsoft GTSC Reviewed by: Akbar Farishta,TL,Microsoft GTSC    


Your SQL Server Setup may hang forever when it’s almost at the 99 %!

Consider this scenario, I rebooted several times, disabling my favourite antivirus and still unable to get a clue from all the logs possible. I start looking at my favourite blogs and here I am. Check out if your symptoms match the following. “I am installing SQL Server including reporting services and my setup is getting…


SQL Server could not create a subscription for Subscriber ‘ServernameInstanceName’.The value for the @sync_method parameter is not valid

Recently we worked on a support case where creation of a Subscription was failing with the following error:- TITLE: New Subscription Wizard —————————— SQL Server could not create a subscription for Subscriber ‘Servername\InstanceName’. —————————— ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch. (Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo) —————————— The value for the @sync_method parameter is…


DDL Triggers

Hello Everyone, In this presentation, you will learn about what are DDL triggers and how they could help you in day to day DBA activities.   Presented by: Niraj Mehta