What are Virtual log files – VLF in SQL server – video

In this presentation you will learn :

1. Very basics of transaction logs internal structure i.e. VLFs.

2. Best practices for the log files.

3. Impacts of too many VLFs


To see the video in better quality or download please click on the link: - https://channel9.msdn.com/posts/what-are-Virtual-log-files-VLF-in-SQL-server-video

Presented By:- Sakthivel Chidambaram

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  1. vas_doni@hotmail.com says:

    Really Nice information on VLF's.



  2. wayne says:

    thanks for the presentation, you cleared up a few questions i had and also i didnt know that fast initialisation isn't implemented with log files.

  3. Satish Kokitkar says:

    Nice blog for VLF's configuration..Thanks!

  4. Ramakant Sahu says:

    Very good topic has been cleared.

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