How to configure and monitor log shipping in sql server

In this presentation, you will learn about how to configure and monitor logshipping.


Presented by:

Anmol Bhasin

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Comments (4)

  1. Sriharsha Gurram says:

    Thanks Anmol for the presentation,you have deciphered a complex topic in simple terms,request you to continue the good work…i would be waiting for more videos from you..thanks again…

  2. Lingamurthy Kamarsu says:

    The presentation was awesome, a layman in SQLServer can easily understand the concept by viewing this video

  3. 25-years-software-experience says:

    Great presentation. Now if you could only repeat it in English so I could understand…

  4. Willie says:

    Thanks for this video Anmol.  I hope you keep having time to share videos like this one.

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