Unable to see the properties of DTC in the Component Services

After Preparing and Installing SQL Server 2008 Cluster on a Windows 2008 Server Cluster from the "Advanced" option in the Landing Page, we are unable to see the properties of one of the Instances of DTC in the Component Services UI. It appears blank with the message: No properties are available on this object. We noticed this on a 2 node Windows 2008 Cluster, where MSCTC was clustered too. This issue is not noticed in a typical SQL Server Cluster installation.


The issue is related to the problem already described in the below KB article



"SQL Server uses remapped pipe names. The issue occurs because these specific network names redirect the named pipe connections and can cause connectivity issues for anything other than SQL Server. Network Name resources that are created by the SQL Server Installation Wizard set the following registry value:


The SQL Network Name resource should be used only for SQL Server connectivity. Clients should not attempt to connect to this name for other functions (for example, file shares or the Computer Management utility), and no other non-SQL Server resources should be dependent on this Network Name resource. "


Fixing it


Make the changes on all the nodes of your Windows Serve Cluster


a. Open registry editor (Changing registry disclaimer applies)

b. Navigate to the below Key


c. Find the Value "NoRemapPipes" which is of type REG_MULTI_SZ. Right click choose Modify

Type in the bleow 3 lines. These three should be in 3 seperate lines and should not precede/follow with any space character





d. Reboot the nodes where the changes are made


Repro Steps


A. Setup a clustered SQL Sever


1. Launch setup.exe

2. Click [Advanced] - [Advanced preparation]

3. Install SQL Server with typical setting of the failover clustering

4. Click [Advanced] - [Advanced completion]

5. Complete a SQL Server Failover Clustering configuration with appropriate setting


B. Add clustered MSDTC resource to SQL Server group


1. Right click [SQL Server] group via Failover Cluster Management tool.

2. Point [Add resource]-[Other resources]-[Distributed Transaction Coordinator]

3. Add the dependency ([Network Name] and [Physical Disk]) to MSDTC resource


C. Modify the security setting of MSDTC via MMC


1. Start MMC and add [Component Service] snap-in

2. Navigate to [Component Service]-[Computer]-[My computer]-[Distributed Transaction Coordinator]-[Clustered DTC]

3. Right click the clustered MSDTC which was added by step B and select [Property]

4. There is not any property to modify. This is because we can't configure the security setting of clustered MSDTC.



Levi Justus

TL, SQL Support

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