SSAS Profiler Scheduler

I have been asked by many customers and seen in many social sites, people were asking about the procedure of scheduling SSAS profiler traces so one fine day thought of writing a utility. I have developed a small application which will help in scheduling SSAS Profiler Tracing using predefined Trace Template. This Utility can be useful if you want to collect traces for an issue which occurs during weekend or night time when nobody is available in office to manually Start / Stop Traces.

Here is the link of utility:

Steps of Running an Application:

1. Download SSASTraceScheduler folder in a drive where you have ample space.
2. Run Timev1.exe
3. Type in the AS Server Name against which you want to run Trace and click on Connect.
4. If connection will be successful it will allow you to Schedule Traces
5. Schedule Trace timings
6. Click Start Trace.
7. Trace file will be generated in a folder where ProfilerScheduler.exe is located.



Karan Gulati
SE, Microsoft SQL Server

Comments (2)

  1. says:

    You might also have a look at ASTrace which runs as a service and dumps trace events into a SQL table:

  2. yup in next release i am adding that capability in my tool

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