DTS PACKAGE FAILS TO OPEN WITH ERROR [Dbnetlib][ConnectionRead (WrapperRead()).] General network error

We have observed a number of cases where in the dts package fails to open from the enterprise manager in sql 2000 or management studio in sql 2005.

We are able to create a new DTS package and save them but when we try to open them, it fails with below error,

Error Source: Microsoft OLEDB Provider for SQL Server
Error Description: [Dbnetlib][ConnectionRead (WrapperRead()).] General network error.
Error. Check your network documentation.

We receive the above error even when we are trying to open the DTS package from local machine.


We have observed that this issue is caused due to Any Host Intrusion Prevention Service running on the server. So in order to resolve the issue we need to create a rule in Host Intrusion Prevent service to trust the sql server process and allow the communication to the sql server.


Once you create a rule, you should be able to open the DTS package fine without any error.



Parikshit Savjani
SE, Microsoft SQL Server


Reviewed By


Levi Justus

TL, Microsoft Sql Server

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  1. Renzo says:


    thank you

    The Host Intrusion  was a problem.

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