SQL server2000 IA64 Setup on a cluster may fail with an unexpected error

Consider the scenario where SQL server 2000 IA 64 setup on a SQL server cluster fails with the following error


Microsoft SQL Server Setup


An error occurred while creating virtual server resources for clustering. Refer to Setup and Cluster logs,

and Event Viewer for more detailed information. This could potentially be due to transient network conditions.

Possible workarounds are rebooting the nodes of the cluster, and changing the SQL Virtual Server name and IP addresses.

Setup will now clean up the installation.

The installation will proceed up to the point where in it creates all the SQL resources in the cluster and then when it tries to get the resources online it fails.


The issue might occur  because of any additional IP resource existing under the cluster group where we are installing SQL server. SQL server setup tries to evaluate all the IP address present under the group in the cluster and tries to get the IP resource online even though the resource  was set to Offline


Try removing the additional IP resource if any from the SQL Server group and the installation should complete successfully

Sathish S N
SE, Microsoft SQL Server.

Reviewed By

Rakesh Singh
Technical Lead,Microsoft SQL Server

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