SQL Server 2005 Setup Failing to Install on Cluster when we use an underscore in the virtual cluster name

Setup is always known to have a mind of its own; this blog is meant to demystify this process. We are specifically talking about SQL Server 2005 Setup on a cluster. It has been observed that the installation of the SQL server 2005 instance on the cluster fails when we use an underscore in the virtual cluster name.

In the course of the installation we error out on the "Virtual Server Name” page

When we used:

Instance Name: TEST_1
Virtual Server Name: TEST_1

ERROR MESSAGE (Sample Snippet):

This error message would be obtained as we error out on the "Virtual Server Name” page

"The Virtual Server name you provided is not valid. To proceed, provide a virtual server name. For more information, see Instance Name, in SQL Server Books Online."

The Windows 2000 cluster does not allow underscores for network resource names and SQL server also had an internal check to prevent this usage. This issue can be extended to Windows NT, 2003 clusters as well

By changing the Virtual Server Name to "TEST1" it worked .So in order to resolve the issue we need to ensure that the virtual server name does NOT contain an underscore.

This KB article could be used for reference for the above mentioned issue:

290816  Underscore in a Network Resource Name for Windows 2000 Cluster Could Not Be Created

Amrutha Varshini
SE, Microsoft Sql Server

Reviewed By

Amit Banerjee,
Technical Lead, Microsoft Sql Server.



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