Katmai new datatypes support

In Katmai, new datatypes are introduced. Some of these (including some older types in Yukon) are supported for merge replication synching with SQL Compact in SQL Compact 3.5 SP1. These types are mapped to downlevel compatible types for SSC. These types and their mappings are, as follows:


SQL type                              Compact type                  Format                               

Date                                     nvarchar(10)                   ‘yyyy-mm-dd’

Time                                     nvarchar(16)                   ‘hh:mi:ss.nnnnnnn”

Datetime2                            nvarchar(27)                   ‘yyyy-mm-dd hh:mi:ss.nnnnnnn’

DatetimeOffset                    nvarchar(34)                  ‘yyyy-mm-dd hh:mi:ss.nnnnnnn [+|-]hh:mi’

Geometry                             image

Geography                           image


The format of strings used when inserting/updating the data on SQL Compact, should be same as that given above, or as the type demands, in case of Spatial types.


Spatial types are interesting, because, one can map them to image columns on the client without data loss. The data can even be manipulated on the client side, if the required spatial type libraries are present. Other new types in Katmai, like, HierarchyID etc... are not supported for merge with SQL Compact.




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