Merge Replication System Tables


The earlier blog post “How to: Detect the database is merge replicated”, gave a list of the system tables that get created in a merge subscription database.    This blog post explains brief description of each of the system tables.  There is another blog post “RDA Subscriptions” that describes briefly the RDA system tables.

 __sysMergeSubscriptions – Each row in this table represents a merge subscription.  Note that, multiple merge subscriptions can co-exist in a single client database.

__sysMergeArticles – Each row in this table represents a merge subscription article.

__sysMergeSubscriptionProperties – Each row in this table stores merge subscription properties that are on set SqlCeReplication object.  For example, Internet URL/Login/Password, Publisher Machine/UserId/Password/Database/Network, Distributor Network/Machine/Database/UserId/Password … etc.  


List of tables that belong to a particular publication:

SELECT TableName FROM __sysMergeArticles AS sma INNER JOIN __sysMergeSubscriptions AS sms ON sma.SubscriptionId == sms.SubscriptionId AND sms. Publication == @PublicationName.


Every merge article/table is tracked by SQL Server Compact engine.  Tracking infrastructure creates three system tables.  Namely,

__sysTrackedObjects – Each row in this table represents a database object that is tracked.  It can be a table, column … etc (Note: Merge replication supports column level tracking)

__sysDeletedRows/__sysRowTrack – Each row in this table represents a deleted row of a tracked table



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