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Traditionally on Windows CE, CEDB was used as the local store. From Windows Mobile 5.0 onwards EDB is the preferred local store but it doesn’t have query capabilities. SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition (SQL Mobile) and soon SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition (SSCE 3.1) is the local storage if applications need data query capabilities. ADOCE provided functionality to synchronize a CEDB database with MS Access on desktop. ADOCE is not supported in Windows Mobile 2005 and those customers/ISVs that used ADOCE to synchronize CEDB with Access desktop database are seeing a gap in this functionality. Hence these customers/ISVs don’t have a good migration path when they move to Windows Mobile 2005. To address this functionality gap we are implementing Sync with Access to synchronize SQL Mobile with Access. Customers/ISVs can migrate from CEDB/ADOCE to SQL Mobile/Sync with Access. Providing SQL Mobile synchronization with MS Access will also speed up the SQL Mobile adoption. A solution developed using SQL Mobile/SSCE 3.1 and MS Access sync will have the capability to scale up to SQL Mobile/SSCE 3.1 and SQL Server replication solution.


The beta for this solution should be available in August 2006 and a final release before end of 2006.


Main features of “Sync with Access” are as follows

       Provides a synchronization solution between SQL Mobile/SSCE 3.1 and MS Access. Data conversion should be done while synchronizing the data.

       Synchronization will happen if there is an active ActiveSync connection between the device and the desktop.

       There will be no update to SQL Mobile/SSCE 3.1 on the device. Only PC-side component.

       Based on existing RDA replication model. Replication setup and programming is exactly the same as RDA today

       Applications written today do not need to be updated if the solution is upsized from access to SQL Server

       No conflict detection/resolution will be implemented. If a solution requires a conflict resolution, SQL Server merge replication should be used.

       The solution will only work with SQL Mobile and later versions. Compatibility with SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition (version 2.0) is not provided.


The beta for this solution should be available in August 2006 and a final release before end of 2006.


“Sync with Access” – Architecture



Manish Agnihotri,

Program Manager


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  1. palewar says:

    Is ‘Sync with Access’ out now? Please give me the suitable URL for more info about it.

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