Now Available: Guide for enhancing privacy and addressing GDPR requirements with the Microsoft SQL platform

Data privacy and data security have become one of the most prominent topics in organizations in almost every industry across the globe. New regulations are emerging that formalize requirements around these topics, and compel organizations to comply. The upcoming EU Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the most noteworthy of these new regulations…. Read more

Contained Database Authentication: How to control which databases are allowed to authenticate users using logon triggers

   With the release of Microsoft SQL Server code-name “Denali” Community Technology Preview 1 (CTP1) and the introduction of Contained Database (CDB) ( ), we also introduced the capability of  database authentication ( ,,     Since the configuration setting  that governs CDB & database authentication is a server scoped setting and the option to… Read more

Consolidation Guidance for SQL Server

Sung Hsueh, a former SQL Engine Security team member, just published a whitepaper with co-authors Antony Zhong and Madhan Arumugam on Consolidation Guidance for SQL Server. Though it covers far more than just security considerations, it does outline the pro’s and con’s of different levels of consolidations (VM’s, Instance, Database) in regards to security and… Read more