SQL Server Connector for Azure Key Vault is Generally Available

Starting today, the SQL Server Connector for Azure Key Vault is Generally Available! The SQL Server Connector is an Extensible Key Management (EKM) Provider that enables SQL Server to use Azure Key Vault as a place to protect and manage SQL encryption keys. This means that you can use your own encryption keys for SQL… Read more

SQL Server Connector Public Preview Update

A new update of the SQL Server Connector is available! The SQL Server Connector is currently in public preview, and we’ve worked hard in the last few months to create a more lightweight and more secure SQL Server Connector. It no longer runs as a service, and we’ve simplified it down to a single DLL…. Read more

Using the Azure Key Vault Key Store Provider for Always Encrypted

During the SQL PASS Summit 2015, we released a custom key store provider that enables support for column master keys stored in Azure Key Vault to Nuget.org.  As you may recall, an earlier blog post discussed the process of creating a custom key store provider using Azure Key Vault as an example key store.  That… Read more

Azure Key Vault Integration for Azure SQL Server VMs

Last week, the SQL VM team announced the Azure Key Vault Integration feature. The Azure Key Vault (AKV) Integration feature simplifies the process for setting up your Azure SQL Server VM to use Azure Key Vault for key protection. If you are planning on using the SQL Server Connector to enable SQL Server encryption with… Read more

Creating Custom Key Store Providers for Always Encrypted (Azure Key Vault Example)

Updates:  The syntax for column master keys have been updated. Please refer to http://blogs.msdn.com/b/sqlsecurity/archive/2015/10/28/new-enhancements-in-always-encrypted.aspx for details on what is new in Always Encrypted. We have updated the schema for our sample table to follow best practices. Big thanks to Denny Cherry for his feedback and help on greatly improving our sample schema. The Azure Key… Read more