SQL Application Column Encryption Sample (Codeplex) available

To achieve many compliance guidelines on Azure SQL Database, the application needs to encrypt the data. The intent of this article is provide some guidelines and an example library for encrypting data at rest for relational databases. We just published the source code for a library at “SQL Application Column Encryption Sample” in Codeplex (https://sqlcolumnencryption.codeplex.com/)… Read more

Auditing in Azure SQL Database

I’m very excited to share the hard work some of my peers have been doing – Auditing in Azure SQL Database. After focusing on a bunch of behind the scenes security improvements, it’s good to get something customer facing. Check out http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/sql-database-auditing-get-started/ and this video – https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Data-Exposed/Auditing-in-Azure-SQL-Database. It’s a great start to what I hope… Read more