Filter SQL Server Audit on action_id / class_type predicate

In SQL Server 2012, Server Audit can be created with a predicate expression (refer to MSDN). This predicate expression is evaluated before audit events are written to the audit target. If the evaluation returns TRUE the event is written to the audit target else it’s not. Hence one can filter audit records going to the… Read more

SQL Server 2012 Best Practices Analyzer

Copied from an internal email from a PM on the team, Jakub – I’m pleased to announce that SQL Server 2012 Best Practices Analyzer (BPA) has been released and is available for download at Customer Value The Microsoft SQL Server 2012 BPA is a diagnostic tool thatperforms the following functions: Gathers information about a… Read more

Security Best Practice and Label Security Whitepapers

2 New Whitepapers: SQL Server 2012 Security Best Practice white paper (updated link: from operational perspective (compliance, encryption, access control, authentication, network security, and auditing) SQL Server 2012 Label Security Toolkit and white paper… Read more

Azure Trust Services

Microsoft is working on a new Windows Azure service through SQL Azure Labs, called Trust Services. It is an application-level encryption framework that can be used to protect sensitive data stored on the Windows Azure Platform. By using Trust Services you can store keys, authorizations and encryption policies in the cloud, and use them to encrypt… Read more

SQL Azure Security Services

Last week, we released SQL Azure Security Services through SQL Azure Labs. In this initial version of our labs, you can Scan your SQL Azure server or individual databases for security issues – We look for design issues, elevation issues and etc. Get a report of your database security model – You can quickly know… Read more