Microsoft ® Source Code Analyzer for SQL Injection – June 2008 CTP

Today Microsoft has released a Community Technology Preview of a new source code analyzer that can help ASP developers find SQL Injection vulnerabilities in their code.   Three weeks ago Microsoft released guidance ( on protecting ASP and ASP.NET web sites against SQL injection attacks. At the same time, Microsoft took an action item to develop… Read more

SQL Server 2005 Encryption – Encryption and data length limitations (feedback page)

  We have received some feedback regarding the “SQL Server 2005 Encryption – Encryption and data length limitations” article, but unfortunately the owner of this blog is no longer a member of our team and we really don’t have access to it in order to answer to your feedback properly.     I would like… Read more


xp_cmdshell is essentially a mechanism to execute arbitrary calls into the system using either the SQL Server context (i.e. the Windows account used to start the service) or a proxy account that can be configured to execute xp_cmdshell using different credentials. Because of its nature, xp_cmdshell is very flexible, actually I would say it is… Read more