Configuring SQL Audit using the Audit Dynamic Management Views

In SQL Audit we added 2 Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) for use with reporting and configuration that I thought could use some more explanation and examples of how we intended they be used. The first is sys.dm_audit_class_type_map. Unfortunately the terms "class" and "type" are very overloaded in SQL Server metadata. In our permission model, we… Read more

How to create a SQL trace using T-SQL

Some users want to know if there is a way to monitor events on SQL server without using SQL Profiler. Yes, there is: the engine support behind SQL Profiler is the feature called SQL Trace which is introduced in SQL 2005. SQL Trace provides a set of stored procedures to create traces on an instance… Read more

Caregroup CIO Blogs about using Auditing

John Halamka, Harvard CIO, has blogged about the Caregroup Auditing project that was the basis for the Auditing portion of the Compliance SDK mentioned in my previous post. They did a lot of great work and we learned a lot from their feedback. And now everyone can benefit from their work through the sample code… Read more