Data Exposed: More with SQL Server on Linux

In this SQL on Linux follow-up episode of Data Exposed, Scott welcomes back Tobias Ternstrom and Slava Oks to the show us more of SQL Server on Linux. Linux. Again, no slides, just pure demos.

Tobias shows how to install, configure and get an application running on RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux). The install and configuration only took seconds, and within a matter of minutes Tobias had SQL Server installed and configured running on Linux. Mext he shows off SQL Server on Linux with In-memory OLTP by running an application in a Docker container on the REL installation, followed by running a workload generator application to show the performance of SQL on Linux using In-memory technology. All very awesome!

Slava then takes over and shows what they have been working on lately to improve the quality or SQL Server running on Linux. Slava gives us some insight into the types of tests they run in their performance labs to improve the SQL Server on Linux performance experience. Slava shows off the htop tool to run OLTP workloads to load test SQL Server on Linux. Slava spends several minutes giving insight into how they test and the different environments they test on.

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